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My house in south KCK (Melissa). Contact me for the address if you don’t have it.


Currently we’re looking at Tuesday nights, probably something like 6:00-10:00, with occasional Saturday sessions (earlier rather than later – I prefer something like 10:00 AM to midafternoon for long Saturday sessions – nice since you still have your whole Saturday night left even after a relatively long session). The Tuesday thing is not final. Mondays are also a possibility depending on what our final group’s availability looks like.


I live on a narrow dead end street off another narrow dead end street, so parking isn’t spectacular. Sorry in advance. I’ll park my car as close to the house as I can, so at least one lucky person with a small car can park at the butt end of my driveway. First come first serve if you have a little car.

Please do your best to be considerate of my neighbors. I cannot emphasize this enough: under no circumstances can anyone double park on my street. If this happens, there isn’t enough room for my neighbor’s truck to get by. To turn around, I recommend going to the end of my street and using the driveway of the last house on the righthand (south) side of the road. Those people seem more easygoing than the rest of my neighbors, plus I think they might be in jail right now, so that’s convenient.


For our weeknight sessions, I think it’s best if we fend for ourselves to reduce the amount of time spent dealing with it. If we play any Saturday sessions I don’t see a problem with doing a potlucky style thing. No guarantee that I won’t use a Tuesday night game as an excuse to bake on Sunday and have people to help me eat it.

Meta Data - Place, Time, Other Details

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