Here’s our gimmick.

I had this idea to structure our campaign like it’s a TV show, with “episodes”, the PCs as the main cast, and “seasons” to govern the story arc. I think this could be a fun way to reflect the emphasis we were hoping to have on story. This will be a roleplaying intensive game with relatively little combat and slow advancement. Fair warning.

I think this will also work with our scheduling efforts. At this point I have four spots for “permanent” PCs who are willing to commit to a regular weeknight session (3-4 hours) and occasional Saturdays when there is interest and availability. These are currently filled.

However. My game room can probably fit one more person beyond the four (tight squeeze but we could work it). This is pertinent because: I know of some people who are interested in a game but can’t make a regular commitment right now – so a guest role in an episode or two might be a good answer to that. If you’re one of the people I’ve spoken to about this and you’re interested, let me know. You can register on Obsidian Portal and I can add you to the campaign to keep you informed, even if you aren’t a core player.

Currently we’re meeting every other Tuesday night from 6:30-10:00.

I don’t yet have a good sense for what planned material will translate to in terms of play time for us, so I’m not sure yet how many episodes I will plan for our first “season”.

So my idea is to play through the first full season with the main cast of the core players, after which point we can evaluate and determine whether we want to bring the game back for a second season, start a new pilot, take a break, or do something else entirely. I don’t have any firm story worked out for the moment, but as we go through character creation I’ll be working on the first season, hopefully with some degree of contribution from the players (see the forums – I’m planning to create a thread explaining what I’m interested in).

Updated 9/3/2011.

The Temporal Travelers

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